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March 28, 2012

We have been remiss in our updates. Let me make amends.

Oahu is a botanical garden – which doesn’t stop the state from creating even more beautiful ones. The one shown here is Fosters Botanical Garden and is located in the heart of Honolulu.  The park started when a German physician to the royal family leased the land from Queen Kalama in 1853.  Like many of his time he was an amateur botanist and indulged his passion by introducing plants from around the world on the land.  The gardens were expanded by the next owner, Thomas Foster and then bequeathed to the city of Honolulu by his widow in 1930.  As you will see it is known for its trees.

A descendent tree of the Boa tree beneath which Buddha found his enlightenment


This is known as the Sausage Tree - actually it looks like someone hung their German sausages on a tree!


A Candle Tree - again it looks like someone hung their wax candles on a tree!


Black Pepper - who knew that pepper grew on a vine!


Cycad - A prehistoric plant (250 million years) related to Conifers


Mother Cycad and yes this is actually what it looked like during the time of dinosaurs





East Oahu and the North Shore

Starting at the southeast corner of Oahu and heading north and then west, you will find the windward side of the island.  Four years ago we stayed in Kailua on Kailua Beach – Ray Smith will remember these views. Probably the most beautiful beach on the island!

Kailua beach with kite surfers in the background - did we mention this is the Windward Coast!


Just north of Kane’ohe is a picturesque macadamia nut farm and everything Hawaiianna outlet (Tropical Farms).  Beautiful gardens, really good condiments, jams, coffee etc…. Good place for a photo of yours truly! Yes that is one honking big bike (Triumph Thunderbird -well named).

Windward Coast Bike Tour - Once the rain stopped everything was wonderful!


La’ie is the most unusual town in Hawaii. Everything is shut down on Sunday, liquor is not sold in grocery stores and it has a grand temple.  No it is not Hawaiian holy site (hiau).  It’s the location of the Hawaiian campus of Bringham Young University and a Mormon college town. Being somewhat irreligious (towards secular sacred cows also) we enjoyed the raucous bellows from the untamed pipes of the Thunderbird as we scorched the earth at each stoplight. I forgot to wear the temporary tattoos, but I did have my big Kahuna warrior t-shirt on!

Not all is spiritual in the town.  Well worth seeing is La’ie Point, with its five nearby islands.  Hawaiian legends has it that a terrible lizard Mo’o lived here and was killed by the great hero Kana who bit Mo’o’s head into five pieces which are now the islands.  Stranger still was that real life tsunami in 1946 punched a hole through one of the islands!

Looking south from La'ie Point along the east coast with the Pali range in the background. Bev of course is in the foreground!


La'ie Point - One of the five islands now sports an arch - courtesy of the April Fool's Day 1946 tsunami!

We would have taken photos of the North Shore “Banzai Pipeline” surf except it wasn’t.  It was dead calm – people were swimming along the reefs that were so deadly in Blue Hawaii.  No surf , no fun!





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March 23,2012

We arrived in Oahu and went to Roy’s that very night! And was it good – Marc had Ahi (tuna) and I had the most delicious Opakapaka (snapper). The air is warm and the tropical breezes fan you all the time. Our condo is a penthouse suite (which we didn’t realize) on the 26th floor in the heart of Waikiki. It’s a bit noisy but we have a unbelievable view of the ocean (and the local tattoo parlour below).




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March 13, 2012

The last day of work tomorrow! This morning something in the air in my kitchen smelled like Hawaii! I can feel those warm breezes already. Almost packed , snorkel gear ready to go and house sitter arranged.

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March 1, 2012

Hello Friends and Family!

Two weeks away and we’re almost ready to go. When you leave for 5 months, there is a lot to do. Arrangements must be made for  everything from mail to taxes. We’re taking three difference trips – Hawaii, SE USA in the RV and Sturgis on the Goldwing.

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