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April 10, 2012

When you have a month in Hawaii you don’t have to rush – until the last week.  So we have some time to catch up on the post.  Then we’ll have to hurry.

When in Hawaii there are some musts.  Must sample the food, must experience the ocean, must see plants that grow like weeds here that are hell to grow in Calgary. First the food.

Our tradition in Hawaii is to go to Roy’s on the first day.  This is a Hawaiian-Asian-French fusion restaurant, where chocolate soufflés are found with Ahi poke and pork dumplings – all are nectar of the gods.  This is our daughter’s inaugural Roy’s pilgrimage, complete with offerings (consumed – as required) and sacrifices (MasterCard).

Roys at Hawaii Kai

Marc’s sea bass was exquisite – so was Tannis’ photo taken from the linen’s point of view!

Sea bass at sunset

Roy’s is known for their chocolate soufflé – Tannis demonstrates with these two photos the correct approach to a soufflé.



OK that was conventional as far a Hawaii goes.  The next foodie experience is just a little different.

The Hole-in-the-Wall Food Tour is presented by Matthew Gray, ex-executive chef and current food critic for the local Honolulu newspaper and his Honolulan wife Kiera.  They take you to the little known treasures of Honolulu and Chinatown.  We spent three hours tasting everything from manapuas, malasadas, hairy balls, spam sushi …..  Suffice to say this is a tasting experience not to miss – the photos of our tasting says it all!

"Big Hairy Red Balls" otherwise known as Rambutan.


Spam Sushi, Shrimp and ahi, and poke pineapple - plain and with li hing powder (preserved plum).


Lychee-vodka-pineapple smoothies - nothing more need be said.


After a break for Mai Tai’s, Pu Pu’s and a walk along the beach we’ve run out of time to get into “ocean” and “plans”.  Next posting friends.


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